Case study

Realistic 3D for a better e-commerce experience

How we helped a Series B DTC Company reduce photo shooting time and cost by replacing it with 3D modeling and rendering.



Furniture, E-commerce, Direct-To-Consumer


$64M in total, latest $50M Series B in September 2021. $600M valuation

Partners since



Santa Monica, CA

Terry Lin and Jake Liu founded Outer in 2017 on a mission to change how people spend quality time outside. The company is built on a foundation of bringing modern furniture outside without compromising quality nor design and style.

The Challenge
Under our partnership with Outer, we foresaw an issue as the company, and the product catalog started to grow, product photo shooting productions and retouching started to delay the delivery of campaigns on the website and other media channels.
The Solution
We provided the best solution while being cost-effective and maintaining top-notch quality. Our award-winning team of designers created hyper-realistic 3D models of the entire product catalog and rendered static and animated hi-res assets is record time.

These let us demonstate their catalog's unique value proposition. From product assembly and animations to close-ups and interactive assets.

The outcome


3D Renders, Product Visualization, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Motion Graphics


1 Project Manager, 1 Art Director, 4 3D Rendering Designers


3D Renders of Product Catalog, Product Detailed Views, Product Animations and Video, Photorealistic Scenes

Endless Possibilities

Launch product landing pages to validate early ideas

Produce detailed views and close-ups to engage customers

Immersive interactive shopping experiences viewing the product from many different angles

Possibility to use AR and VR for product visualization

Validate product acceptance with customers even before spending money in production


"Digitalpal’s multidisciplinary approach to design has enabled our business to innovate and grow at a significantly faster clip than more traditional agency relationships.

They are always responsive, are eager to learn new skills, and have an amazing ability to execute beautiful creative in record time. Their team has truly become an integrated part of who we are and we look forward to continuing our journey together.”
Brett Danick, VP of Product, Outer